DEF LEPPARD Guitarist: 'We're Not That Far From The BACKSTREET BOYS'

July 24, 2003

Philip Maramba of Charleston Daily Mail spoke with DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell about the group's decision to work with Per Aldeheim and Andreas Carlsson, who produced hits for BRITNEY SPEARS and the BACKSTREET BOYS, on their latest effort, "X". "We wanted to get some perspective on the sounds that would be accessible for radio play," Campbell explained. "Some people thought it was sacrilege, but if you listen to our work, our vocals are complex. Pop music is strong on vocals. We're not that far from the BACKSTREET BOYS — we've just got more guitars.

When asked about the group's approach to life on the road compared to the way it was in the band's earlier days, Vivian said. "It's a lot different from when we were in our 20s. Back then, there was a lot more drinking and drugs, but we've all grown up. You should see us backstage. We're all herbal tea and mineral water. We go to the gym. I'm the only person in the band who'll actually drink a beer onstage. Sometimes, I'll even — (mock gasp) — have three or four before a show. (Laughs.) Imagine that!" Read more.

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