DEF LEPPARD Members Dismiss Split Rumors

April 30, 2010

According to, DEF LEPPARD has dismissed rumors of a split as singer Joe Elliott and bassist Rick Savage prepared for a special home-coming performance. In an exclusive video chat with The Star, Elliott and Savage fleshed out their reasons for cancelling the USA tour and announced the five-piece will play on.

They are writing new material, plan to release live recordings, a box set and will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album with their music available for download on iTunes.

Dublin-based Elliott, aged 50, who recently became a dad for the first time, with the birth of a son to wife Kristine, said of the band's cancelled U.S. tour, "There wasn't any mystery to it really. My wife was pregnant and needed a bit of attention from me, which she wasn't getting. There was a lot of things in our private lives that needed attending to. We're not splitting. Not at all. We often joke, what else would we do? You just can't imagine doing anything else."


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