DEF LEPPARD: Working Title Of New Album Revealed

March 9, 2007

DEF LEPPARD has set "Sparkle Lounge" as the working title of its new studio album, the group's guitarist Phil Collen revealed in a brand new interview with Classic Rock Revisited. According to Collen, the CD is being recorded at singer Joe Elliott's house in Dublin, Ireland with Ronan McHugh co-producing the effort alongside the members of the band. "We still have more recoding to do in Dublin but the stuff sounds amazing so far," Phil said. When pressed to compare the new material to a LEPPARD album of the past, Collen replied, "It's a lot more rock and less pop than albums of late so it doesn't really sound like any other albums."

Elliott recently stated about the new album's musical direction, "It will probably not be too far away from where we've always been, but looking at where everybody's head is right now, it's definitely gonna be an album like 'Yeah!' You know, up-tempo, three-minute songs. Not as experimental as, say, 'X' was. Which was a bit of hip-hop here, a bit of straight up rock 'n roll there..... Sav's [bassist Rick Savage] got a great song that sounds a lot like Gary Glitter meets U2 meets LEPPARD, and I've got this song which sounds like AC/DC during their 'Let There Be Rock' period. You know, daaaaw-deh-deddle-deddle-dee-daaaaaw, that kind of thing, with the vocals like this [hums vocal line], almost like 'Rock And Roll' by LED ZEPPELIN.....meets AC/DC! Full-on rock. And then Phil's got this song, and Vivian [Campbell, guitar] wants to sit down with me to finish this other song..... You know, we've got a lot of ideas. Some of them are even 10 or 15 years old, but weren't used earlier because only now we feel we can use them."

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