DEFTONES Frontman Says New Album Is A 'Roller Coaster Of Sounds'

May 31, 2005

DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno recently spoke to about the making of their fifth album, tentatively due before the end of the year via Maverick Records.

"It's just like this roller coaster of sounds. There's really aggressive stuff — super-aggressive stuff — that, like, I don't think we've delved into evil shit like this before. And then there's really sad stuff," he said. "I don't know — it's a DEFTONES record. We're trying different things. Frank [Delgado, who handles keyboards and samples] is involved a lot more this time, as far as electronic stuff, and there's a lot more beat stuff going on.

"It's a pretty chaotic record," he continued. "Every time we make a DEFTONES record, it's taxing on your brain and body. They're hard records to make because you seriously have to outdo yourself. We want to outdo ourselves when we make a record; we don't want to make the same record twice. And we don't really have any formulas we use, so we just try different shit. And sometimes good shit happens, sometimes weird shit happens."

Moreno also revealed that he and the rest of his TEAM SLEEP project will hit the studio this fall to start working on their sophomore offering. They've already written 15 songs for the release, which will be out in late 2006. Moreno also said former SMASHING PUMPKINS guitarist James Iha has signed to work with TEAM SLEEP on some of their new tunes.


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