May 24, 2002

DEICIDE frontman Glen Benton will perform all lead vocals on the forthcoming VITAL REMAINS album, entitled Dechristianized, which is due in late August/early September through Olympic Records in the US and Century Media Records in Europe.

In an interview with Benton and VR members Tony Lazaro (guitar) and Dave Suzuki (drums) posted at, the trio shed light on the collaboration and the persistent rumors of an imminent DEICIDE split, which are certain to be fueled further by these most recent developments.

The following are a few select quotes from the above-mentioned interview:

On whether this collaboration means the end of DEICIDE:
Glen: You never know.

On how the collaboration came about:
Tony: I met Glen twelve years ago when DEICIDE played the first [Milwaukee] Metalfest. He was hanging in a bar and I came up and said some stupid shit to him, and he looked at me like, 'Get away from me you freak!' We laugh about that now. (laughs) Later that night, we threw cow guts at one of the bands while they were playing—it was funny shit! (laughs) Well, last year on the Godkillers tour, featuring DEICIDE and VITAL REMAINS, we let Glen listen to the demos, [and] I asked Glen if he would do guest vocals on the project. He said he "would ponder it." We then had some differences of opinion with our singer and guitarist, so we let them go. Time was getting short, we started getting pressured by the label, so we called [Glen], and the rest is history. Glen offered to do the vocals. That's pretty much it, things happen for a reason! Glen did the vocals, Dave did the bass lines.

On the possibility of further collaborations and/or a tour featuring Glen on lead vocals:
Glen: Absolutely.

On how it feels to have Benton singing his lyrics:
Dave: It's my total pleasure to hear Glen belting out my lyrics. His voice fits perfectly with the music and with him singing them with such conviction and anger, it makes our music much more powerful. I'm also glad that Glen liked the lyrics. That meant a lot in itself.

On Dechristianized's musical direction:
Glen: If Satan himself had a band and just cut a record I would compare it to that cause it is as heavy as hell.

On whether DEICIDE are working on a new record:
Glen: If they are, I have yet to hear it.

On the timing of his collaboration with VITAL REMAINS:
Glen: Why not? I think I waited for many reasons, when I heard the VITAL pre-production, I just had to do it, it was like Satan himself asking me to pinch hit against the Angels.

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