DEINONYCHUS: 'You Will Get A Pure Black/Doom Metal Album'

September 25, 2006

Dutch doomsters DEINONYCHUS have started recording their seventh full-length album for a tentative early 2007 release via Italy's My Kingdom Music. Entitled"Morphium Replacement", the follow-up to 2004's "Insomnia" is being tracked at The Outer Sound Studios under the supervision of Giuseppe Orlando from NOVEMBRE, who is also the group's new drummer. The upcoming album will contain "eight tracks of pure black/doom metal with an ultra-heavy production," according to a posting on the group's web site. The vocal-recording sessions and the final mix is scheduled to take place in December in Italy.

Commented DEINONYCHUS mainman Marco Kehren: "The new album is the best I've done, I can say. I'm just listening to the new songs (only guitars, bass and drums) and they already sound like a finished production. I can say that you will get a pure black/doom metal album now. My style is changed in a unconcious manner over the last three years. The songs are short (three to five minutes) and are very different from all I did before. There are very heavy slow parts, but also blast-parts and midpaced parts. Since the songs are so short and compact, I've decided not to use keyboards on the album, but we'll add some sample stuff instead in a few songs.

"I'm really proud at this album!!!!! There are eight songs, and at the end it will be a 35-minute album, but therefore a VERY heavy and good one."

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