Des Moines Family Asks SLIPKNOT To Fix Their Devastated Home

March 31, 2004 reports: "When a family in West Des Moines, Iowa, rented their house to SLIPKNOT last week to use for the 'Duality' video shoot, they knew there might be some damage, and since they were planning to gut the house anyway to renovate it, they were OK with that. But they had no idea how extensive the devastation would be. Here's a partial list of items the family are asking the band to replace or fix: Broken windows throughout the house, new painted kitchen destroyed, damage to the driveway, torn-up lawn, front door destroyed, rugs sustained water damage, whole house needs repainting, gutters were broken, back door and window frames broken, equipment missing, basketball backboard trashed, damage from cigarette butts, ceiling destroyed where chandelier fell, picnic tables broken."

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