DESTRUCTION: Ecuador Concert Ends In Total Chaos

April 16, 2006

According to a posting on DESTRUCTION's official web site, the German thrashers' April 15 concert in Quito, Ecuador ended in total chaos after the local promoter lost control of the 2,000 fans that wanted to attend the gig in a venue that could only accommodate half of them and that didn't have a working lighting system. "The band wanted to postpone the concert to the next day, but the local promoter had absolutely NO control of the show and audience," the posting reads. "The band is really sorry and mad as hell about this disorder! As a [security precaution], the show was delayed, which led to a destruction of the venue by pissed off fans!"

Back in September 2004, a last-minute concert cancellation by CRADLE OF FILTH in Quito, Ecuador resulted in a riot, with significant damage being caused to the amplifiers and sound equipment before the police were able to gain control of the crowd. In that incident, CRADLE OF FILTH called off the show after allegedly experiencing flight delays on their way to the Ecuadorian capital. A posting on the group's official web site blamed the cancellation on "a change in airline schedules," claiming that when the band tried to land in Quito they were told the runway had been closed for maintenance, forcing their plane to be diverted to Cali in Colombia. The posting added that once the band had arrived in Cali, "they were then told there was no confirmed departure time to Quito, but it would be at least a few hours. This meant by the time they flew to Quito, cleared customs, collected equipment, got to the venue and set up the equipment, it would have been some time in the early hours of the following day, before the show would be ready to happen."

But the band's version of what happened directly contradicted the explanation offered by the concert promoters, who claimed that the group never actually cancelled the show and, on the contrary, called from Cali to announce that they would be arriving late in Quito but would still be going ahead with the performance.

DESTRUCTION are continuing to tour in support of their latest CD, "Inventor of Evil", which is available in Europe on AFM Records and in North America on Candlelight Records.

DESTRUCTION recorded "Inventor of Evil" with producer Peter Tätgtren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN),V.O. Pulver (GURD) and their live engineer Franky Winkelmann at studios in Germany and Switzerland. The mix was done by Tätgtren at the Abyss Studios in Sweden.

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