November 27, 2002

Canadian madman DEVIN TOWNSEND has posted the following update via his official web site:

"First to the news that everyone is looking for — the recordings. Both the STRAPPING YOUNG LAD (SYL) and DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND (DTB) records began mixing on October 25 to be completely finished by November 12. While the recording will be finished by the end of the month, the albums will not be made available until February (the formal release date for SYL is February 11 with DTB likely to follow 2-3 weeks after). This is due to the preparation time required by the labels to do a proper release. Unlike previous years, HDR will not be selling them far in advance of the formal release as to not interfere with the labels whom we license to in other regions.

"The DTB played their first show to a packed house in Burnaby October 19. The set included a bunch of new stuff plus 'Seventh Wave', 'Regulator', 'Life', 'Truth', 'Earth Day', and a 'spirited' rendition of 'Bad Devil' joined by Chris Valagao from ZIMMERS HOLE. We did attempt to record the show, but to much disappointment, the ADAT system we rented for the recording decided not to work. Hopefully we will be able to get another opportunity soon.

"With a new band we have a new logo (designed by Travis Smith, stylized by Geoff Rousselot). Thus we have put together a line of new shirts, hats, pins, stickers... anything any potential Devy-lover could want. We also now have copies available of the Century Media Tenth Anniversary DVD with live performances from SYL ('Detox' and 'SYL') along with NEVERMORE, SKINLAB, EYEHATEGOD and SCAR CULTURE. This was filmed last September at the Roxy in Hollywood and has some interview clips as well as music.

"Prompted by a favor to a friend, Devin performed on two songs for the upcoming PARADISE LOST album. It is being recorded in Vancouver with Rhys Fulber who requested Devin's assistance with some high vocal parts. Devin has also agreed to work with Rhys on his new project called CONJURE ONE which is similar to DELERIUM in style. There are no set dates as they will both need to coordinate time when they are both available.

"Jason Newsted has released the coveted 1992 IR8 recordings (done before the release of "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing" with Devin on guitar, Jason on bass and vocals and Tom Hunting on drums) on his new label Chophouse Records. The CD is a combination of IR8 and the SEXOTURICA sessions, which Devin was not involved in. This is not one of Devin's favorite recordings musically, but he asserts that it was a phenomenal opportunity and holds great memories of the experience. No, we will not be selling it but have seen it for sale on Ebay..

"There have been some changes in the lineup of the American tour. It now consists of NILE, NAPALM DEATH, SYL, DARK TRANQUILITY, and THE BERZERKER.

"There is a European tour in the works between Mar 19 and April 15. This tour will be a full bill of ZIMMERS HOLE, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND, with SYL headlining. It will cover the usual territories as and possibly (remember tour dates can change very frequently!) Portugal, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Also remember, the band does not book the tours and do not determine where they go. It is dependent on a lot of factors such as available dates and travel distance/expense determined by the booking agent. The dates as they come will be listed on the tour page.

"ZIMMERS HOLE's 'Legion of Flames' and 'Bound By Fire' are being released by Century Media in the USA, Australia, Japan and South America. Both albums will contain bonus tracks titled: 'Dark Church Of Whatever', 'Split Dick', 'Facepisser', 'AC/QC', 'Butt Barf', 'Roast Chicken Monday', 'Monkey Man' and 'What's that Stink?'. Travis Smith will be re-doing the artwork for 'Bound by Fire'.

"ProgPower festival was a great experiene for the band and we would like to thank Glenn Harveston, Jim Raggi and Paul Cashman for making that possible.

"Devin is currently in Richmond, Virgina, USA producing the band LAMB OF GOD and is very pleased with the way it is coming out."

Confirmed dates for the STRAPPING YOUNG LAD/DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND/ZIMMERS HOLE European tour are as follows:

Mar. 19 - Garage - Glasgow, UK
Mar. 20 - University - Manchester, UK
Mar. 21 - Mean Fiddler - London, UK
Mar. 22 - Elysse Montmartre - Paris, FRA

Many more shows will be announced during the coming weeks.

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