DEVOURMENT Reform, Begin Work On New Material

December 22, 2004

Texas-based underground death metallers DEVOURMENT have reformed and are currently writing material for their second full-length album, entitled "Butcher the Weak".

DEVOURMENT originally split up in 1999 when their then-vocalist Ruben Rosas was arrested as a fugitive from justice at the Colorado Death Fest. Now they have reformed with 70 percent of their original lineup intact, including vocalist Ruben Rosas, who spent two and a half years locked up after the Colorado Festival. The band's current line up is Wayne Knupp (the group's original vocalist, who is back after leaving the band in 1998),Mike Majewski (bass),Brad Fincher (drums) and Ruben Rosas, who is now handling guitars and some vocals.

DEVOURMENT, who are currently unsigned, will release a DVD of some of their older concerts and other various film footage from the band's early career. The group's debut album, "Molesting the Decapitated", was issued in 1999 via United Guttural Records.

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