DEZ FAFARA: KATAKLYSM Singer Should Listen To DEVILDRIVER Before Opening His Mouth

February 4, 2004

DEVILDRIVER singer Dez Fafara (ex-COAL CHAMBER) has slammed KATAKLYSM vocalist Maurizio Iacono over his accusation that DEVILDRIVER are "trying to make themselves look real [metal] by getting on real metal tours."

In a press statement issued in December, Iacono voiced his frustration over the fact that DEVILDRIVER were chosen over KATAKLYSM to be one of the support acts on the current OPETH North American tour, saying "today is a sad day not only for KATAKLYSM, but for real metal in general... no disrespect intended towards DEVILDRIVER, 'coz I don't even know the guys personally except for the fact that there's an ex-COAL CHAMBER member... what I'm saying is shit happens, we lost the tour... so what, business is business... but to lose it to a band that comes from the nu-metal era is what I don't get, that style is dead and now they are trying to make themselves look real by getting on real metal tours. If OPETH, KATAKLYSM and MOONSPELL would be on a nu-metal tour we would all get tomatoes thrown at us, but we as real metalheads have to sit back and accept shit like this happening to our scene."

Speaking to Edmonton, Canada's late last month, Dez said, "First of all, KATAKLYSM, I bought their new album, it's great. I've never met the guys so for him to take shots at me, maybe he hasn't heard DEVILDRIVER.

"I would love the opportunity to play before, or after KATAKLYSM," Dez continued. "We wish they were on this tour with us, but when he starts calling me nu-metal and this and that, he should shut the fuck up and take a listen to DEVILDRIVER. You know, just because eight years ago I helped create a scene, that I can't fucking stand now — he should take a look at what I'm doing now before he opens his fucking mouth. . . I mean, it is what it is, and I wish [KATAKLYSM] were [touring with us as well] — I've got no hard feelings. I've got no beefs with musicians. . . I mean look, he may have a family to support and he didn't get a tour. A tour means money, so he's bitter but it is what it is." Read the rest of the interview here.

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