DIMMU BORGIR To Enter Studio In March

February 18, 2003

DIMMU BORGIR are scheduled to enter Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 3 to begin tracking the drum parts for their forthcoming CD, due later in the year. According to guitarist Silenoz, "All the new material is ready and we have also mastered our own pre-production and it sounds awesome in our ears. We rehearse like we are possessed every day and will continue to do so until we go into studio.

"There haven't been decided any album title, but we are working on it. As you may have heard before we are having a huge orchestra in studio with us and at the moment we are negotiating with two big east European orchestras, nothing is decided yet."

Among the tracks set to appear on the album are the following:

01. Allegiance
02. Cataclysm Children
03. Progenies of The Great Apocalypse
04. His Inexorable Excellency

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