April 30, 2019

In a brand new interview with Germany's Rock Antenne, DISTURBED frontman David Draiman was asked if he still owned the 1969 Ford Mustang GT car that he showed in a 2006 episode of "MTV Cribs". "No, unfortunately not," he responded (see video below). "I miss her too. But she was a money pit. [Laughs]

"You become a father and a family man, and certain other priorities take shape," he continued. "I recently moved from Austin, Texas to Honolulu, Hawaii — almost a couple of years ago now — and the whole transporting of the vehicle would have been a pain. So I sold my car, I sold my motorcycle, I sold all the toys of my youth.

"I have, I guess, what could be referred to as a sensible car these days. It's a Tesla Model X, actually. So it's, I guess, the amped-up, high-end version of a [Toyota] Prius, you could say."

Asked to name "the most badass rock and roll car there is," Draiman said: "If we're talking old-school American muscle, I love the old Mustangs. But I'm a big '70-'71 Hemi Cuda fan. I love the old '69 [Chevrolet] Camaros. And, to be honest, I'm an Aston Martin fan. I'm a total James Bond wannabe. I've never actually had the guts to throw down the money to buy one, but who knows? Maybe one day."

Last year, Draiman told Metal Hammer magazine that he relocated from Austin to Honolulu, Hawaii to be near wife Lena's family. The move was prompted largely by the fact that their now-five-year-old son, Sam, had been suffering from severe allergies, resulting in 15 febrile seizures — convulsions in children, brought on by fever — since he was born. "I just couldn't handle watching my kid go through that anymore," David said. "Thank god, his quality of life has improved 100 percent."

DISTURBED recently announced a much-anticipated second leg of arena shows set to begin July 21 at the Mankato Civic Center in Mankato, Minnesota. The band is touring in support of new album "Evolution" (Reprise Records),which hit No. 1 on Billboard's Top Alternative Albums and Top Rock Albums charts, as well as No. 4 on the Billboard 200.

DISTURBED kicked off a European tour on April 18 at La Riviera in Madrid. They will come back home for festival shows in Columbus (Sonic Temple Art & Music Fest) and Oklahoma (Rocklahoma),then back overseas for another slew of dates, including multiple concerts in Russia.

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