DIVINE EMPIRE: 'Method Of Execution' To Receive U.S. Release In November

August 5, 2005

Phoenix, Arizona-based Crash Music, Inc. has announced that they have signed a licensing agreement with Century Media Records to issue in the U.S. the new DIVINE EMPIRE album, "Method of Execution". A November 1 release is expected.

Produced once again by Jeremy Staska (MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATEPLOW, REMEMBERING NEVER, NONPOINT, POISON THE WELL),"Method of Execution" sees the band moving away from their straight-ahead death metal origins "to include a variety of influences, helping distance them from their MALEVOLENT CREATION brethren," according to a press release. "Stronger melodies, catchier song structures and hints of classical, doom, black, and even classic rock all rear their ugly heads."

DIVINE EMPIRE bassist/vocalist Jason Blachowicz (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION) recently announced the addition of Marco Martell (guitar),David Kinkade (drums) (both from Chicago) and Frank Cusimano (guitar; from Pennsylvania) to the group's ranks. The new DIVINE EMPIRE line-up will be re-locating to Florida in the next few weeks to get the songs tight and ready for annihilation supporting "Method of Execution" in 2006.

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