DOMMIN: 'Closure' Video Released

February 19, 2011

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band DOMMIN has released new video for "Closure", just one of the rapturous and emotive tracks from LP "Love Is Gone". Instead of shooting a conventional music video, the band asked that fans submit video of themselves expressing personal interpretations of the concept of closure. In return, the band received hundreds of hours of poignant, gorgeous and sometimes heartbreaking images that were sorted through to produce the artfully pieced-together video that you can now view below.

In an age where over-sharing the mundane is practically required, DOMMIN's video for "Closure" features a refreshing and genuine array of different voices and experiences. Much like PostSecret has served as an outlet for people to air their most personal secrets in an environment that is both anonymous and supportive, "Closure" was a chance for DOMMIN fans to express that which they had previously been unable to verbalize in a medium that both promotes their individuality and brings them together as a unit: one song, one family.

DOMMIN's Roadrunner debut, "Love Is Gone", showcased the band's darkly romantic sensibility, a sound more at home on the moors in "Wuthering Heights" than the mean streets of Hollywood. Outburn called the album "trimmed with synth pop tinkerings" while Ultimate Guitar said "There's certainly a 'The Crow'-like darkness to DOMMIN, but it's more inviting and welcoming than it is dangerous and distant."

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