DON DOKKEN: 'GEORGE LYNCH Thought He Was God, And I Disagreed'

August 12, 2004

In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Mercury, Don Dokken spoke about the disintegration of his working relationship with ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch. Nowadays, Jon Levin — the band's attorney for 10 years — is playing guitar for the group, but Dokken still runs into Lynch from time to time — often with unpleasant results.

"We saw each other several months ago, and we spoke and had a nice conversation," Dokken said. "But then two days later, he said in an interview, 'I ran into Don, and I wanted to kick his ass right there on the spot.' He's a very petty human being. You'd think that he would have found some peace by now, but he's so filled with anger."

According to Dokken, Lynch still has not overcome his tragic flaw. "I'm not trying to be mean, but he had a really massive ego. It was just unbearable," Dokken said. "One day, I was having a bad day singing and he told me, 'It doesn't matter.' I was like, 'Of course it matters. I want to sing well.' And he says, 'No, people only come to see me play guitar. You guys are just here to fill up the stage.' I thought he was being facetious, but he was dead serious. So I always tell people that our relationship came down to a disagreement. He thought he was a god, and I disagreed."

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