DON DOKKEN To Join 'Acoustic Outcasts' Tour In September

August 1, 2005

According to a posting by Ron Keel (KEEL, IRONHORSE, STEELER) on the Hardrock Haven web site, Don Dokken (DOKKEN) will be joining the "Acoustic Outcasts" tour in September as a headliner. The all-star acoustic show, which currently features Keel, Terry Ilous (XYZ),Kelly Keeling (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, BLUE MURDER, BATON ROUGE, GEORGE LYNCH),Charlie Wayne (BULLETBOYS, HAWK, KEEL & WAYNE),and renowned guitarist JK Northrup (KING KOBRA, XYZ, PAUL SHORTINO),kicked off in Nashville on July 28 and is scheduled to play several dates in Ohio this week.

Commented Keel in a "tour diary" entry on Hardrock Haven: "We added a new segment to the show last night — the 'Let's Call A Rock Star Moment.' I kept my cell phone on the fridge next to me, and right in the middle of the show, I called our friend Don Dokken. There's a lot of common history with Don: he produced Terry's debut XYZ CD, he's worked with Kelly a lot, he and I shared tour dates back in the day, he sang on 'I Said The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl' on the KEEL album, so it was only right that he should be the featured phone call of the show… And we got through, no voice mail bullshit, we got the man on the line, put him on the speaker phone. We took this opportunity to make the official announcement — Don Dokken will be joining the Acoustic Outcasts tour in September as our headliner; we'll be announcing the dates soon. Don said he was going to keep it simple, he's just bringing guitars and a box of condoms. 'Not for me, for you guys …', he said."

To read Keel's entire diary entry, go to

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