Doom Legends DREAM DEATH To Release Collection Of Rare Demos

February 8, 2005

Pittsburgh, PA's DREAM DEATH, who gained popularity among the metal underground in the Eighties, have returned to release "Back from the Dead" on Psychodoomelic Records. "Back from the Dead", compiled and produced by Mike Smail (currently in PENANCE, INTERNAL VOID and PENTAGRAM) is the official release of the three DREAM DEATH demos recorded in the mid-to-late Eighties.

The new release is 80 minutes long and includes a 20-page booklet featuring never-seen-before photos and show flyers. DREAM DEATH's popularity in the Eighties underground metal scene was recognized by many because of the unique ways they evolved traditional doom metal into their signature doom/death metal sound, which for critics and fans alike was a missing link at the time.

The band had one release, 1987's "Journey into Mystery", on New Renaissance Records, which is considered an underground classic. Shortly after the release of "Journey into Mystery", Ted Williams (bass) left DREAM DEATH to join crossover metal band EVICTION, who were later signed to Metal Blade Records. When EVICTION called it quits, Williams and EVICTION guitarist Rob Tabachka formed the garage punk band PILSNER, which lasted until 1996. After Williams' departure from DREAM DEATH, Mike Smail (drums),Terry Weston (guitar),and Brian Lawrence (guitar and vocals) reformed with a slightly modified line-up under the name PENANCE. Lawrence left PENANCE after two releases, but PENANCE continues today with Smail as the only remaining original member. In addition to PENANCE, Smail has also lent his drumming skills to CATHEDRAL, SILVER TONGUED DEVIL, INTERNAL VOID, and the legendary PENTAGRAM.

With the release of the "Back from the Dead", the original four members of DREAM DEATH have ignited an uncontrollable spark and are currently working on new material, as well as reworking some older songs to be released later in 2005.

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