DORO PESCH Discusses '25 Years In Rock' DVD In New Interview

December 20, 2010

Brian Fischer-Giffin of Australia's Loud magazine recently conducted an interview with German metal queen Doro Pesch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On her first tour of Japan, which took place earlier this year:

Doro: "I heard from some people that back in the '80s, some people who were in charge, they were so traditional and it was a problem that I was a woman. And I thought, 'Really? A woman who screams and does things better? Well, that couldn't be it!' But now, it was no problem at all. The fans were great and there were tons of girls in the audience, and they greeted us with open arms. It was really great, like I'd always heard from so many bands that Japanese fans do so many wonderful things. So now I'm sitting at home in my living room looking at all the little jars and things... it's really awesome."

On her latest DVD release, "25 Years In Rock... And Still Going Strong":

Doro: "The DVD has everything except for three songs that had some technical mistakes that were not fixable because they were on all ten microphones. When I love something, when I feel good about something, I can let the fans hear it or see it. When I don't feel good about something then I think, well if I don't like it, nobody will like it. I try to go totally by feel. On this new DVD, it's seven hours long. But everything from the 25th-anniversary concert is on there except for like three songs, so it's nearly three hours and there's a documentary on there which talks about the concert and has all the great guests and everybody has such stories to tell. And the 2500th show is on there, and the highlights of all the great shows we did last year like Wacken and the Metal Female Voices Fest."

On having members of the SCORPIONS perform at her 25th-anniversary concert:

Doro: "The first time that [WARLOCK] played this huge festival in England at Castle Donington, it was the legendary Monsters of Rock festival and it was in '86 and it was my first time there and I saw the SCORPIONS live and I thought 'Wow!' So I called Rudolf [Schenker, SCORPIONS guitarist] on the phone. I actually called him up and said it was my 25th anniversary and he said, 'Already?', and I said, 'Yes, would it be possible for you guys to come and celebrate?'. And he checked the tour schedule and called me back and said, 'Doro, we are coming!' It was such an honour. I was a little girl when I first saw those guys, and we have played together a couple of times and we always saw each other over the years at different events. It was super. It definitely brought back good memories."

On other guests that appeared at the 25th-anniversary concert, including Tarja Turunen, Jean Beauvoir, Axel Rudi Pell, OVERKILL's Bobby Blitz and Warrel Dane (NEVERMORE, ex-SANCTUARY):

Doro: "My first big tour in America was with MEGADETH and SANCTUARY, and I asked Warrel Dane if he would come and sing an old WARLOCK song with us, and he actually had the longest trek, like 30 hours on so many planes from Seattle... it was a joy to see it all. It was great to see all the guests and musicians, everyone gave it their all. Even at the after show party with all the fans, it just meant so much. And I was 80% there when it was being put together because it was my most concern to make sure everyone looked good. I was in the cutting room making sure that I gave it all back to them in the best shape and form."

On how much she has learned from touring with different types of bands over the years:

Doro: "I definitely had the greatest learning experience when I was on tour with so many great bands in the '80s. My first big tour was with JUDAS PRIEST, and they were my heroes! And my second big tour was with Ronnie James Dio in '87 and then it was the Monsters of Rock festival with all those great bands: MOTÖRHEAD, the SCORPIONS, OZZY OSBOURNE and DEF LEPPARD, and I think in England it was with MOTÖRHEAD and BON JOVI and another band... in Germany it was a little bit of a different lineup, but I had the greatest opportunity to learn from the best! And I always got treated so good."

Read the entire interview from Loud magazine.

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