DOUG ALDRICH Confirms Departure From DIO

May 5, 2003

Guitarist Doug Aldrich has officially confirmed his departure from DIO in order to join WHITESNAKE as a full-time member.

In a posting on his official web site, Doug writes, "As you know, I won't be seeing you this summer with Ronnie. But the best is I will be seeing you with WHITESNAKE. We are putting together a U.S. headline tour that will start around the middle of July and go through August. Japan looks like September, which is great. And after, I will be recording hopefully with [WHITESNAKE frontman] David [Coverdale].

"Regarding DIO, it was really difficult, I had to make a choice. You all know that I love Ronnie and the guys. I hope to think the door is open for sometime down the road but for now it won't happen.

"DIO was scheduled to be off this summer, and then his tour dates started coming in. He is my friend and I didn't want to keep him hanging so I recommended a few guys.

"For the DIO fans that are concerned about [RATT guitarist] Warren [DeMartini being able to do the DIO material justice], don't be. He is great, and Ronnie knows guitar players. Besides [DIO bassist] Jimmy [Bain] is one heavy player and a lot of the DIO sound comes from him and [drummer] Simon [Wright].

"Anyway, I am getting packed for Europe and really digging the fact that I get to meet and watch Gary Moore play for three weeks of the tour. The UK is hardcore into WHITESNAKE, so I gotta play really good. David is leaving [Sunday, May 4] and I leave with the [rest of the] guys on Tuesday."

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