DRAGONIGHT AGENCY Launches YouTube Channel

May 29, 2007

The Poland-based promotion/management agency Dragonight has launched its official YouTube video channel. The channel already features video clips from current Dragonight artists and friends such as AXEMASTER, MP, MANINNYA BLADE, NOISEHUNTER, BOOMERANG and many more. Except that the Dragonight video channel is linked to more than 150 video clips of '80s artists such as HEAVY LOAD, ACID, MEDIEVAL STEEL, POKOLGEP and VENOM.

To view, add, and share videos by Dragonight artists, go to the Dragonight YouTube channel at this location. All traditional metal bands interested in publishing their videos through this channel are welcome and should contact the Dragonight headquarters.

Dragonight Agency was started in 1997 by the ex-Metal Hammer journalist and producer Bart Gabriel, and until now is the only one existing independent and "uncommercial" agency dedicated to traditional metal only, with the "by fans for fans" attitude. Current Dragonight clients are classic bands HIRAX (USA),METALUCIFER and SABBAT (both from Japan),and the young promising acts ARMOUR (Finland) and CRYSTAL VIPER (Poland).

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