DREAM THEATER Drummer Says He Has No Issues With Other Members Of QUEENSRŸCHE

April 2, 2006

DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy has issued a follow-up statement regarding his previously published comments about QUEENSRŸCHE frontman Geoff Tate.

When a DREAM THEATER fan suggested in a posting in "The Forum" section of Portnoy's web site that Tate was in New York City doing press for QUEENSRŸCHE's new album and that he may join DREAM THEATER on stage at their April 1 concert at New York City's Radio City Music Hall, Portnoy had the following response:

"I'm tired of being politically correct...

"For the record, Geoff Tate is a two-faced douche bag. Since he has begun doing 'Operation: Mindcrime II' press, he has been consistently bashing DREAM THEATER and even me personally in the press... (why, I have no idea?). But I'm tired of biting my tongue when he obviously can't.

"When he was on Eddie Trunk's show [on Q104.3 FM] Friday night [March 31], he was incredibly rude and insultful [sic] when talking about me off the air to Eddie and [FOZZY singer and former WWE wrestler] Chris Jericho (he having no idea they're my bros)... Eddie and Chris were FUMING at him and Chris immediately texted me from the studio saying he was ready to body-slam him on the spot.

"His new name on this board should be Geoff Taint...

"Screw him...he's now on my shitlist..."

In a follow-up message, Portnoy elaborated on his position with the following:

"Also... for the record before this blows up any further... I have absolutely no issues with the other guys who were always straight-up and cool all throughout the tour and ever since... Scott [Rockenfield, drums] and Eddie [Jackson, bass] in particular are two guys who I really like and am proud to call 'friends'...

"Geoff was, and is, the two-faced BS [bullshit] artist to everybody he comes in contact with...either professionally (or 'un' for that matter) as well as to his poor fans that still believe his bullshit after all these years.

"I'm sorry that such good guys as Scott, Eddie and Michael [Wilton] are being 'led' by this babbling idiot...

"Like I said...I was willing to bite my lip, be professional and politically correct and continue to not EVER say anything bad about him in the press...but Taint-boy had to open his big ass mouth to two of my best bros (Eddie Trunk and Chris Jericho) which was a big mistake and the final straw...

"That's all from me...I'm gonna take a well-earned vacation..."

QUEENSRŸCHE and DREAM THEATER toured North America together as co-headliners in the summer of 2003. The two progressive hard rock giants had originally intended to join forces for a package tour in 2000 — a plan that failed to materialize after QUEENSRŸCHE decided to take the middle slot on IRON MAIDEN's "Brave New World" tour instead. This move infuriated Portnoy, who told Metal Sludge several months later, "I have a bone to pick with [QUEENSRŸCHE]... We had a summer tour in the works being booked with them which I think would have been cool for the fans and they backed out in the 11th hour which fucked us over....I think maybe they realized that having to play after us would make their fans realize how much they suck now!"

As previously reported, DREAM THEATER's very last show of the band's 20th Anniversary Tour 2005/2006 on April 1 at the Radio City Music Hall was recorded and filmed for an upcoming 20th anniversary DVD and CD release. Portnoy issued the following message regarding last night's concert:

"Without going into too much detail (I promised myself and my family some rest and time away from the computer),I have to THANK all of you in attendance last night at Radio City Music Hall for helping to make last night's show one of the most incredible evenings of my life.

"Of the hundreds of shows (maybe thousands at this point?) that we've done through the years, never before have I been moved on stage as much as I was last night. There were several points in the night where I was literally brought to tears by the power and emotion in the air.

"I just wanted to thank our AMAZING fans from all over the world that helped make last night so electric and magical from start to finish....you guys were the ULTIMATE audience last night!

"We always dreamed of playing with an orchestra one day and last night's performance surpassed my wildest expectations. Jamshied Sharifi (our beloved arranger & conductor) and the incredible musicians behind us rose to the occasion and lifted our music to a whole new orgasmic level.

"I cannot wait to share this evening with all of you that weren't able to attend via the upcoming DVD and CD sets that I will be working on in the coming months. (No rest for the wicked...or at least me!)

"I truly believe last night was the PINNACLE of our 20-year career thus far and an incredible ending to the latest chapter in DREAM THEATER history.

"How the hell will we top it???????????

"Give me some time, and I'll think of something!"

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