DREAM THEATER Guitarist Talks About The Band's Longevity

May 31, 2004

DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci recently spoke to Classic Rock Revisited about the band's continued commercial success and his new solo record. Asked how getting a million-selling album right off the bat like some bands do with their first CD would have done to their heads, Petrucci replied, "It's hard to say. In a way, although it wasn't a million-seller, it kinda happened to us with 'Images and Words'. That album really put us on the map, it went gold in the U.S. and basically kick-started our career. It made people aware of us, we started to tour and get out there, then after people started to see us they wanted to see us more and we were able to go overseas and everywhere else. That was definitely the kick-start and we were able to build on that. If our first album had come out and been a huge success it's hard to say if we would have been able to continue to build upon that or would we have just come and gone. We've been with the same label since '92 and I can't tell you how many bands have been dropped in the time that we've been there or how many times the name of the label has changed names, just recently the whole Warner Music Group was bought and they dropped all these artists and they renewed their option on us so we must have something. I'll take that million-seller now though, now would be a good time (laughs). I've been doing this for a long time, touring and working. We work really hard so it would be nice."

Read Petrucci's entire interview with Classic Rock Revisited at this location.

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