DROWNING POOL Bassist Interviewed On Philadelphia's 94 WYSP

May 31, 2010

Bassist Stevie Benton of Texas heavy rockers DROWNING POOL was interviewed last week on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania radio station 94 WYSP. During the chat, Benton said the GODSMACK/Nikki Sixx drama from last year's "Crüe Fest" came as somewhat of a surprise to him, even though he was friends with both parties. He said if anything was going on, he was oblivious to it because he was too busy enjoying the experience. He also talked about how honored DROWNING POOL is honored to take part in this year's edition of Ozzy Osbourne's travelling festival, Ozzfest. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

DROWNING POOL's new, self titled fourth full-length album was released in April via Eleven Seven Music. The CD's first single, "Feel Like I Do", blasts out a chorus that challenges you to shout aloud with fist in the air. Given its bombastic nature, the song is primed to be blaring out of stereos everywhere now that it has hit airwaves. For vocalist Ryan McCombs, "Feel Like I Do" possesses a deep meaning. "So many fans come up to me and say, 'Your song helped me get through what I was going through,'" he says. "We all go through the trials and tribulations of living. This song says, 'We've all felt this way, let's just embrace it and go with it.' Acknowledge the fact that life's rough, but it's nothing we all haven't gotten through before and we'll get through it again. It's going to be fine. Keep that smile on!"

DROWNING POOL recorded the new album at House of Loud (BREAKING BENJAMIN, PARAMORE) with Kato Khandwala producing and David Bendeth mixing. Kato and David brought the band's sound to another level. Drummer Mike Luce excitedly explains, "Sonically, 'Drowning Pool' squashes anything we've ever done. This record is really diverse too. There's some material that could've been taken right off 'Sinner', and there's some new stuff that goes beyond all expectations of this band. I can't wait for people to sink their teeth into it."

One of the album's standouts, "Over My Head", draws inspiration directly from McCombs's bond with his father. "I originally wrote those lyrics about my significant other," says the singer. "When my dad passed away, I realized the song was a lot deeper than just a romantic relationship. That song means so much to me in terms of my relationship with my father. When I dropped out of college to pursue music, he didn't question it. If we played a show within a four-hour drive of Indiana, he would get in the car and drive there and spend the whole day with me wherever that was. He was so proud of what I was doing and what I had accomplished. That song turned into such an emotionally focused song, as I went through losing him. He was the greatest father that anybody could ever ask for."

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