DROWNING POOL: Starting All Over

November 26, 2004

DROWNING POOL guitarist C.J. Pierce recently spoke to Carolyn Lamberson of The Register-Guard about rebuilding the band following the death of lead singer Dave Williams in August 2002 due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

Regarding Williams' replacement, Jason "Gong" Jones, Pierce said, "He's a super nice guy, he's got a big heart. But he's also a little bit of a showman, too. Not so much like David Lee Roth, you know, totally wacky.

"Dave was always described as charismatic. So Jason's kind of come around and brought that to the table."

On the group's current tour, the POOL guys find themselves starting over, going from the main stage at Ozzfest to smaller clubs.

"We didn't expect to take up where we left off with Davie, unless Davie was still here," Pierce said. "It's to be expected. You have to go out there prove yourself again and Jason has to prove himself. ... It does feel in many ways like a new band, but it's still us.

"We love playing the bars. ... You can literally hang out with everyone there that night. You do a show with 15,000, you can't meet all those people that night. It's not as personal."

Perseverance is a theme for this band.

"I don't know what the biggest roller coaster ride in the United States of America is, but I definitely feel like we've been on one," Pierce said."We had major success when our record came out, right away, then 9/11 happened and they pulled the song ('Bodies') off the radio.

"Then we worked ourselves back up after that and everything's going great, then we lose our frontman. Starting all over again with Jason, here we are building back up." Read more.

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