DUFF MCKAGAN On GUNS N' ROSES: 'Things Are Very Positive In That World'

March 29, 2019

During an appearance on yesterday's (Thursday, March 28) episode of "The Rich Eisen Show", Duff McKagan was asked if he had an update on the upcoming GUNS N' ROSES studio album that he and guitarist Slash had previously confirmed was in the works. "Do I have an update on it? No," the bassist said (see video below). "I will say things are very positive in that world. I did say something about it in an interview. People are super interested in that, and I understand why. I do like the mystique factor of the band, and I shall keep it there. But things are positive… Things are great."

Duff added: "We had a wonderful, amazing two-and-a-half-year tour we just did, and it ended on such a high note, and it was overwhelming how many people came to see those shows. We played a hundred and fifty-nine shows. We played The Troubadour April 1st, 2016. And Axl [Rose, vocals] broke his foot, like, third song in, and I thought, Well, we've got this one show under our belt. We did this thing. And he wanted to continue on. He was, like, 'This isn't gonna stop me.' We played a bunch of shows with him in a cast in a chair, and we just went through so many revelations of things and ended that on a high note. And that's where we're still at."

Last month, McKagan told satellite radio program "Trunk Nation" that he "heard some magnificent stuff that Axl has — really cool stuff he'd been working on" for GUNS' next record. "So I'm excited about the possibilities with that, of course. I don't mean to get anybody rabid. [A new album] will happen when it happens, that's for sure."

Both Slash and fellow guitarist Richard Fortus have said in recent interviews that there is material in the works for a new GUNS album, which would be the first under the band's name since 2008's "Chinese Democracy". The last collection of original music to feature Axl, Slash and McKagan was 1991's "Use Your Illusion" albums, and the last LP of any kind to feature the three was the 1993 covers set "The Spaghetti Incident?"

McKagan's new solo album, "Tenderness", will be released on May 31. The record sees Duff reflecting on his experiences traveling the globe on GUNS N' ROSES' "Not In This Lifetime" tour.

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