EDGE OF SANITY's SWANÖ To Use Guest Singers On Upcoming CD

April 14, 2003

Producer/musician/songwriter Dan Swanö has elaborated on his plans to record a new EDGE OF SANITY album, "Crimson II", which he hopes to issue on August 26 through Black Mark Records. According to Swanö, "I will not growl one second [on the upcoming album]. I would if I could, but I've tried and it sounds even worse than the stuff on the first demo!! I have begun to accept the fact that I have lost the classic growl, but on the other hand, I have learned to sing with my real voice.....

"The growling will be a combination of me doing a lot stacked (multiple) whispers and another guy called Roger that sings a bit like me in the heydays (growling type) with a little bit of vocal coaching he can do a very nice job... I will try to vary to vocal work on this one as much as possible. I have been talking to [HYPOCRISY's Peter] Tägtgren about doing some high-pitched stuff, and I will do all forms of low, mid, and pretty high normal vocals… it'll be a blast!!

"I will take care of all drums, bass and rhythm guitars. Some leads will be done by [FREAK KITCHEN's] Mattias IA Eklundh and I will done some, and I will also approach some local talents...

"The other guys [i.e. former members of EDGE OF SANITY] made one album without me, so I have all the right to make one without them. I never wanted to leave EOS in the first place… I wanted to be EDGE OF SANITY... But Black Mark 'couldn't do that to them' so I was on my own and they made 'Cryptic'… I did 'Moontower'. I soooo wish 'Moontower' could have been labelled as an EOS album. I would have done so much better...

"I will not use [OPETH's] Mike [Åkerfeldt] for two reasons: He costs money (his label knows his value... it's fine by me, but I don't pay for musicians). He's in BLOODBATH (I have had enough of his voice, in a very positive way… I have already 'done' my stuff with Mike on 'Resurrection Through Carnage'. I have no other wishes with my music and his (growling) voice. It'd be nice to do a duet with him using our clean vocals one day… maybe for NIGHTINGALE??)"

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