EDGUY Frontman: Next CD Will Be 'Metal And Hard Rock With A Few Wimpy Pop Ballads'

August 30, 2006

EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet recently answered a number of fan questions via the "Ask Tobias" section of his official web site. A couple of excepts follow:

Q: Compared to the older albums, "Rocket Ride" had more of a hard rock feeling to it rather then the traditional power metal sound. Is this the new direction for EDGUY or is the next album going to be more like the early stuff?

Tobias: "I try not to label it, I agree there was more mid-tempo stuff on the new album, but we've had classic rock elements on all of our albums ('Lavatory Love Machine', 'Vain Glory Opera', 'Holy Shadows', 'Holy Water', several ballads...). And we have classic metal stuff on 'Rocket Ride' too ('Sacrifice', 'Return To The Tribe', 'Out Of Vogue', 'Wasted Time'). So I think people tend to [blow out of proportion] this whole change-of-style thing. We've had less uptempo songs but I don't think we can read a general stylistic tendency into that. We just do what we feel we want to do. At least we consider ourselves a traditional hard rock or metal band, whatever you want it to be. And we'll go on doing whatever we wanna do. And I guess this will be metal and hard rock with a few wimpy pop ballads here and there. We've always done that. And we looooove that! :-) I don't know what the next album is going to sound like, but I think it's gonna be powerful and good."

Q: I think the new album "Rocket Ride" is your best to date. Where did you get the inspiration for the song "Sacrifice"?

Tobias: "'Sacrifice' speaks about feelings that you have, when your work is done and you lock the hotel room door behind you, when you have the time to take deep breaths and the world around you seems to slow down a bit. Then you got so many things to think about, you worry and you have doubts and all these things... As everybody. Usually I live quite fast, I got people around me all the time, I am constantly on the road and keep myself busy and busy, there's not so much time left to think. And it's quite natural that as soon as your body gets the chance to cool down a bit, you get sucked into that black hole. It's quite normal... I got used to it, so I don't worry. The first time it felt strange to fall into that black hole but now I even got an apartment on the other side, with pink inflatable palm trees. I'm used to it... I made it my black pink place... Anyway: I chose a different way of life, I got the best life I could ever dream of. But it's different. And as everybody I got to make sacrifices... Aftershow party in the black pink place..."

Read more at TobiasSammet.com.

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