April 21, 2002

EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet is currently hard at work on the second part of his metal opera project dubbed AVANTASIA, which released a highly-acclaimed debut effort, entitled simply The Metal Opera, in November 2000. According to Sammet, touring with my main band EDGUY is such big fun, [but] in between traveling to the different continents, planning this and that for EDGUY and sleeping a little, I have some breaks here and there and that little break of three weeks right now I am using for starting to finish the production of AVANTASIA Part 2. Yes, and if nothing goes wrong, in August you will have the album in stores. A lot of things have been recorded together with part one, so on the ten main songs you will hear the same musicians and singers as on part one. Some new things will be that there is a new character sung by MAGNUM's voice Bob Catley and [STRATOVARIUS guitarist] Timo Tolkki plays a few guitars. Furthermore Eric Singer, drummer of KISS plays drums on one track. It's gonna be ten real songs and some interludes, as far as I think now. The opener, called 'Seven Angels', is over 14 minutes long, an epic that runs
chills over my back when I listen to it. Not a f.cking choirs-and-orchestra-700-different-tracks-overkill, just tastefully arranged, in my opinion, of course. However, there's not so much I wanna say in advance, I've never been a man of too big promises but I just wanna let you know: Many people have been speculating that there is no chance to create something on the same level as part one. Friends, to those who share that opinion - I got a huuuuuge smile on my face!!! I am really curious about those people's opinions. Just ask my record company for their opinion about what they have heard, they love it even more than part one... I love 'em both. It's a part of me, it's honest, and you'll hear that!!!

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