EIDOLON To Release 'Apostles Of Defiance' In October

August 4, 2003

Canada's EIDOLON have completed their latest slab of molten metal, "Apostles Of Defiance", due on October 6 through Metal Blade Records.

Says drummer Shawn Drover, "This is our ultimate heavy metal statement we have made as a band, period!!!! We have really busted out balls to make sure this record is the best we could possibly make it to be — we are very pleased with the outcome! The people who dig our music know that our music cannot be digested in just 1 listen, and with 'A.O.D.' it is even more diverse and twisted than ever before!!! Once again, we have everything from full-blown 100% speed metal, to slow, crushing tunes, more progressive/weird/atmospheric stuff and two 10-minute epic tunes — in other words, a very twisted record! To me, it is extremely boring and predictable to make the same record over and over — of course there is nothing wrong in doing that — it is just not something that interests us at all. We really strive to always make sure that we improve with each record, in terms of musical performance, production, everything. Believe me, 'Apostles Of Defiance' will melt your face — I personally guarantee this!"

The complete track listing for "Apostles Of Defiance" is as follows:

01. Scream From Within
02. Volcanic Earth
03. Twisted Morality
04. Demoralized
05. The Test
06. The Will To Remain
07. Apostles Of Defiance
08. Pull The Trigger
09. Apathy For A Dying World

A limited-edition pressing of the CD will contain the long-out-of-print "Zero Hour" album (along with a few "Zero Hour"-era band pictures),as well as the video clip for "Coma Nation".

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