ELVENKING Offers More Information On Upcoming Acoustic Album

April 22, 2008

Italian folk metallers ELVENKING have issued the following update:

"Since the announcement of our new acoustic album, we have received an incredible amount of messages and we've seen a lot of different reactions on the Net. We have decided to write a few lines in order to clarify what this acoustic album will be and what it will not be. Some of the messages we've received ask if this is going to be only a collection of old re-recorded material, if it's going to be an EP, if it will contain this or that, so we have to clear a little bit this confusion.

"First of all, we've been having the idea of making an acoustic album for a long time and over the years it has been one of the most requested things by our fans. 'The Scythe' has been criticized by many but it is our most successful album to date and the overwhelming reaction of the people at our concerts and the increased number of copies sold are just confirming that we made a great album and a lot of people enjoyed it. So this goes to all the ones who think we are making this acoustic project because we failed with 'The Scythe' or because we are going back to our folk roots after the critics: you are way far from the truth!

"This will be an acoustic album but it doesn't mean it will be a folk album exclusively! Of course, here we have the possibility to explore our folk influences more than ever (especially in the arrangements probably using also some typical folk instruments) but this album will be as various as any other ELVENKING work. We will go through different styles and moods so of course you can expect a lot of folk tunes but also all the other features that make ELVENKING a unique band.

"This is going to be a full-length album not an EP! It will contain mostly new songs as if they were written for a new normal album. So no fillers, no recycled stuff; all the new material is being written in order to form the new songs of the new ELVENKING album even if this time it'll be acoustic, it will be done with all the enthusiasm and the inspiration that always push ELVENKING when it comes to songwriting and rehearsing new material. We can already tell you that this release will contain some real great songs for sure! As usual it's gonna be different from the previous ones and it will be closer to our acoustic, melodic and romantic side.

"As a gift to our fans, together with the new material we will re-arrange and re-record some songs coming from our previous works and maybe some other little surprises but still we have to decide most things about this section of the disc which will be in any case the smallest part!

"Before embarking on this project we already started to work on the follower of 'The Scythe'. The acoustic album will put this work to a temporary stand-by, but as soon as we have closed the recordings, we will start working hard on the new 'electric' album since we have lots of ideas and the first songs we were writing were definitely a blast! The fans will probably have an acoustic album in their hands within the end of this year (this is not confirmed yet, but we are working in order to record the album on time) and a new 'normal album' the following year.

"We have really a lot of ideas and you'll never get fillers from us! We are very excited about this new material and we wouldn't release anything if we weren't 100% satisfied. So between a gig and another we will work hard and the fans won't regret it!"

ELVENKING's latest album, "The Scythe", was released in Europe in September 2007 via AFM Records.

The band has released the video for its song "The Divided Heart". The clip was shot with director Mirco Andreis (ELDRITCH, MACBETH, DISARMONIA MUNDI) and can be viewed below.

"The Scythe" was mixed at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The mastering took place on April 10 at Finnvox Studios with Mika Jussila and Nino Laurenne.

"The Scythe" features a guest appearance on two tracks by Swedish guitarist Mike Wead (KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, FIREGOD, ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA, CANDLEMASS).

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