EPICA: Amsterdam Show To Be Filmed For Upcoming DVD

November 25, 2005

EPICA's performance at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland on May 4, 2006 will be filmed for an upcoming DVD. Only 1,450 tickets are available and will go on sale December 3 through Ticketservice or www.ticketservice.nl. Support acts and other details will be announced soon.

In other news, Brazil's Whiplash! magazine recently conducted an interview with EPICA frontwoman Simone Simons regarding the band's appearance on the Brazilian TV show "Programa do Jô" and their upcoming South American tour. Read on:

Whiplash!: Tell us about the experience of recording "Programa do Jô", and playing for more than 10 million viewers...

Simone Simons: "Well, it was amazing. Jo is a cool guy and he was impressed by EPICA. I didn't speak to him that much, I gave him a kiss and a hug. He told me it was love at first sight haha. At this moment it will be broadcasted and I hope the people like our performance and come to see us when we play in Brazil!"

Whiplash!: KAMELOT and EPICA are coming together to Brazil and KAMELOT is going to record its first live DVD here. What can the fans wait from this tour?

Simone Simons: "We are all looking forward to play for you guys. [You can] be sure that I will sing 'The Haunting' with KAMELOT. I hope we all will have a good time and I can’t wait to meet the Brazilian fans. Another very nice thing is that you will have summer when we come. In Holland it will be freezing, so another good thing."

Whiplash!: Recently, former EPICA (SAHARA DUST) singer Helena Iren Michaelsen was on the the cover of the Greek Penthouse magazine. Is this something you can say you will never do? What do you think about that?

Simone Simons: "I was asked [to appear in] the Dutch Playboy, but I said no. I don’t sell myself to anyone. This is something private and not for everybody to see. My singing is also very intimate; I don’t go further than that. If she wants to present herself like that, I won’t stop her."

Whiplash!: I know you're a big NIGHTWISH fan. How did you feel with the departure of Tarja and what do you expect / hope to the future of NIGHTWISH without her?

Simone Simons: "NIGHTWISH will continue with a different singer. I am sure that I have to get used to the new vocals but the quality will be the same. I will still treasure the 'oldies.' Tarja has a good voice and she is well known. I do not fear for her future. NIGHTWISH and Tarja weren’t a winning team anymore, their ways are separated but I am very optimistic."

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