EPICA Guitarist Featured On WARBREED Debut; Audio Available

May 31, 2008

Mark Jansen, renowned guitar player and singer in EPICA, makes a guest appearance on "History Undone", the debut album from the Argentinean death metal band WARBREED. Mark recorded the vocals alongside WARBREED's Guillermo for the song "Rotterdam in Flames". The track is now available for streaming on the WARBREEDMySpace page.

"History Undone" track listing:

01. The Hidden Legacy (Intro)
02. Nightfall Over Auschwitz
03. Sippenhaft
04. Aliy Snieg (Blood Red Snow)
05. Silence and the Beast
06. The Forging [of Glory and Decay - Part I]
07. The Hour Of The Wolf [of Glory and Decay - Part II]
08. Farewell Germania [of Glory and Decay - Part III]
09. The Spandau Enigma
10. A Little Lesson Of History
11. The Homecoming
12. Another Unknown Soldier (instrumental)
13. Rotterdam In Flames
14. Bound For Ultima Thule
15. Rendition of The Truth (outro)

"History Undone" was recorded during March-May and September-November 2007 at La Nave de Oseberg studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The CD was mixed and mastered by Martn Toledo and WARBREED at La Nave de Oseberg studios during January-February 2008.


Sergio F. Ribnikov (ex-CARNARIUM): Electric and acoustic guitars, and vocals
Diego Conte (MASTIFAL): Electric guitars
Guillermo C. (INFERNAL WINTER): Vocals
Pablo Lescano (SERPENTOR): Bass
Mauro Frison (ex-EMBODIMENT): Drums

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/thewarbreed.

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