EVAN SEINFELD Slams 'Talentless Wannabes' Who Sit On BLABBERMOUTH.NET All Day

March 1, 2009

U.K.'s Terrorizer magazine recently conducted a short interview with BIOHAZARD bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld about the upcoming autobiographies he and his wife, adult film star Tera Patrick, are writing. Originally one voume entitled "Rockstar/Pornstar: An American Love Story", the autobiographies may now be released as two separate volumes.

Terrorizer: What's behind the decision to do two autobiographies?

Seinfeld: Well, we both have so much to say, we think that separate books might garner more freedom, and later do a book together, about how to keep your rock 'n' roll porno marriage hot!

Terrorizer: A BIOHAZARD reunion and an autobiography; are you in a reflective place at the moment?

Seinfeld: I am definitely reflective and introspective at the moment. I've been writing a lot of lyrics; some will be possibly for a new BIOHAZARD album, others will just be poems that I may or may not publish some day. Many will be lyrics for my new band THE SPYDERZ. This is where I'm at musically, returning to my roots or rock 'n' roll, a little punk, a little metal, but really super-melodic classic rock with an Evan Seinfeld "fuck you" drizzled on top.

Terrorizer: Porn and metal seem to be equally competitive and relentless environments where you've got to keep your profile up, build a strong identity/brand and survive the endless drama, Is the porn industry lucky it doesn't have BLABBERMOUTH.NET to contend with?

Seinfeld: Are you kidding?! The porn sites are even worse — so full of haters, like the talentless wannabes that sit on Blabbermouth all day dissing bands when they themselves have never accomplished anything. The losers of porn are basically a bunch of guys whose dicks don't get hard having a problem with everyone in adult film. Shut up and masturbate! The worst part is that the kind of people who are on Blabbermouth or adult gossip sites, for the most part, aren't even people who support their respective industries. They are not buying DVDs or CDs, or even joining membership sites. They are on p2p [peer-to-peer downloading] stealing music and porn from people they are supposedly fans of. Grow some balls and steal it out of my hands, you cunts!

For more information, visit www.terrorizer.com.

Machomedia conducted an interview with Evan Seinfeld backstage at BIOHAZARD's November 20, 2008 concert in Budapest, Hungary about his career in porn with his wife, adult film star Tera Patrick. Watch the chat in two parts below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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