EVERGREY: 'Torn' Release Dates Announced

July 31, 2008

Swedish dark, melodic metal act EVERGREY will release its new album, "Torn", via the band's new label, Steamhammer/SPV on the following dates:

Germany: September 19
Rest of Europe: September 22
USA/Canada: September 23

There is an exclusive VIP pre-order package of "Torn" available at the official EVERGREYweb site. The VIP package is only available from the band and it includes:

* "Torn" limited edition (includes bonus track)
* One T-shirt, specially made and only available with the VIP package
* One signed postcard
* One exclusive EVERGREY guitar pick

The packages will be sent early enough to make sure you have your package on the release date for your country. Price is 40 euros plus shipping, available worldwide.

"Torn" track listing:

01. Broken Wings
02. Soaked
03. Fear
04. When Kingdoms Fall
05. In Confidence
06. Fail
07. Numb
08. Torn
09. Nothing Is Erased
10. Still Walk Alone
11. These Scars

"Torn" was previously described by EVERGREY mastermind Tom S. Englund as a "modern mix of 'In Search Of Truth' and 'Recreation Day'." "The tracks are all guitar-oriented and very atmospheric," he said. "They have exactly the sound that our fans expect from us." According to Englund, the slightly more experimental direction of EVERGREY's previous release, "Monday Morning Apocalypse", has given way again to old strengths and virtues. "Two years ago we needed an album with a slightly different approach and an expensive producer, just to find out how that sort of thing works," he explained. "It was the right album at the time, but now we have returned to our typical trademarks." This is one of the reasons why the tracks on "Torn" were self-produced by Englund together with drummer Jonas Ekdahl. In addition, the band has a new bassist, Fredrik Larsson having been replaced by former STRATOVARIUS musician Jari Kainulainen.

Since the band arrived on the scene in 1998, EVERGREY has brought out six studio albums and one live release. All of them made the Top 20 in the group's native Sweden and the last two cracked the Top 10 (No. 6 and 3, respectively). On top of that, EVERGREY's DVD was No. 1 for four weeks and was nominated for the Swedish Grammy equivalent.

Regarding the upcoming reissues of the band's complete back catalogue, Englund said, "There is so much additional material for each album that we could theoretically re-release it on an extra DVD. Whatever we manage to do — premium reissues are certainly a possibility."

EVERGREY"Torn" trailer - May edition:

EVERGREY"Torn" trailer - April edition:

EVERGREY"Torn" trailer - March edition:

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