EVERY TIME I DIE: 'We Really Want A Permanent Fifth Member'

August 28, 2006

Buffalo, New York, metalcore crew EVERY TIME I DIE recently spoke to MTV.com about the departure of their most recent bassist, Chris Byrnes.

Just as the band was about to take the stage for August 19's 10th annual Dirtfest in Birch Run, Michigan, Byrnes broke the news that it would be his final performance with EVERY TIME I DIE. But frankly, the guys weren't at all shocked. When it's happened four times before, the fifth is sort of a breeze.

"Our bass players are like SPINAL TAP's drummers: They just spontaneously combust," joked guitarist Jordan Buckley. "We had gone over a year with the same bass player, and that just doesn't happen in our band. If he didn't quit, we probably would have killed him and eaten him."

"This time, we're not going to give him that $1 million signing bonus like we did with the last guy," said Jordan's brother, frontman Keith Buckley, of their latest hire, THE CHARIOT's former bassist Keller Harbin (making a reference to METALLICA's Robert Trujillo, whose bonus was documented in "Some Kind of Monster").

"But we do cry every night," added guitarist Andrew Williams, "because we really want a permanent fifth member."

Read more at MTV.com.

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