Ex-ADLER'S APPETITE Bassist: 'We Would Have Given STEVEN ADLER The Partnership For Nothing'

December 31, 2005

Brook Ellis, the webmaster of The Official Steven Adler Fansite, has issued an "open letter" to former ADLER'S APPETITE members Jizzy Pearl, Robbie Crane and Keri Kelli regarding their split with drummer Steven Adler (ex-GUNS N' ROSES) and their attempt to keep Adler from continuing to use the ADLER'S APPETITE name for his current project. Brook's letter and Jizzy and Robbie's separate responses (as posted on Pearl's official web site) follow:

Brook: "Jizz, let me say that I respect your talent immensely! I'm sure I'm not the only one who became aware of you through your work with ADLER'S APPETITE.

"Didn't you quit the band? Literally left them hanging just before you were supposed to go to Japan? You said previously that you thought the name was stupid. Now you are claiming part ownership in the name? Why? Money? Or is it just to spite Adler after he retalliated against you?

"Those comments you made in your [Metal] Sludge diary were malicious! The fact that Steven came to see you at the RATT show was an attempt to make amends. Maybe you didn't think there was a friendship worth salvaging — you were no longer in the band — but you sold him out to entertain your readers.

"The world knows Steven has his share of problems and issues, but I felt your comments showed no regard for him or his privacy. Yes, he may have [gone] off on you with wild suspicion. There were people fueling those suspicions!

"Did you make an attempt to let him know that you were free of guilt? Besides on the Internet?

"The bottom lines are there was a misunderstanding and the lineup eventually didn't work out.

"Is there no moving on?"

Jizzy: "I think everyone's missing the point. I'm the one with the website, so I got elected to put up this notice so everyone thinks this is about ME.

"When a lot of people were asking why Robbie and Keri weren't going to Europe, you (Brook) were the one that said they left to pursue other things... Well, that wasn't quite true, was it? Otherwise we wouldn't have had to put up this notice.

"Steven didn't fire anybody? No, but his ##### did. This isn't Enron we're talking about, this is a GN'R cover band — no one is trying to wrangle Steven's fortune out of this. We all entered into a business arrangement with the best of intentions, it's a fairly standard agreement and it got fucked up that's all. People wanted to know and now they know. This isn't 'Kramer vs. Kramer'.

"Steven didn't go to The Joint to 'make amends' with me, he went to stab me in the eye with a soldering iron, remember?

"I don't need to reassure Steven that I'm not sleeping with his wife the same way I don't have to tell him there's no Santa Claus. It's a weird bizarre delusion, I guess, but pretty straightforward as delusions go, and I eagerly look forward to his next interview where I will be outed as Keyser Sose."

Robbie Crane: "Brook, I’ve never had a problem with you and I hope that doesn’t change, but I think you’re only hearing one side of the story and a very colored version at that.

"I don't think anyone should start pointing fingers at Jizzy. Jizzy had his reasons for not going to Japan and while Keri and I don’t necessarily agree with him, we understand his reasons. The truth is he never came to any of us and said, 'I quit,' and he was never legally voted out of the partnership.

"This isn't about money, a name or who fucked whose wife. This is about principle and accountability.

"We started ADLER'S APPETITE together. Keri and I spent hundreds of hours doing the bands business on the phone, computer and in meetings with agents, promoters, airlines and venues with out asking for and/or getting one dime more then any other member (and yes, we have all of the payout receipts signed by each member to prove that in any court),and how do we get repaid for all of our hard work? We get replaced, for bullshit, unfounded, no-evidence, bad-advice reasons.

"Jizzy didn’t have a problem with Steven coming to the CINDERELLA/RATT show at the Joint. I put Steven on the list in front of Jizzy and he didn't say a word. Even after Steven threatened to 'poke his eyes out with a soldering iron' when he saw him a couple of days before. No one from the RATT bus ever tried to stop Steven from coming to the show or going backstage. I would never have let that happen to Steven. So unless you were in the band, at the meetings, in the van, on the airplane or at the airport dealing with what we had to deal with to truly know the facts of what really went on in the band — like Craig, Ryan, Fast Tommy or Armando — then you are only hearing one of the partners' version and again, a very colored version.

"None of us want anything from Steven — he has violated our trust, and we don’t want anything to do with him ever again. But we do want him to stop doing business under our agreed partnership and name.

"We would have given Steven the name and the partnership for nothing — not one penny — if he would have handled it properly."

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