Ex-CELTIC FROST Guitarist RON MARKS: 'I Would Be Interested' In Rejoining The Band

February 20, 2006

Former CELTIC FROST guitarist Ron Marks, who had previously publicly stated that he would "practically swim to Switzerland to be in CELTIC FROST again," has issued a statement commenting on the band's recent split with guitarist Erol Unala.

Said Marks: "I've been flooded with emails and phone messages about the current situation with CELTIC FROST. I'm quite flattered that so many are thinking of me and I thank you all. As I'd said previously, I still hold a very warm spot in my heart for the band and for Tom [Fischer, guitar/vocals] and Martin [Ain, bass] as friends. Should they be willing to have me back, I would certainly be interested in discussing it with them. I have no idea if they're at home or out somewhere doing promo but Tom has my phone number and email address should he choose to contact me.

"Thanks again all those who've extended their kind words and wishes. As always, we'll hope for the best."

Ron can be reached at [email protected]

Marks is currently fronting his own project called SUBSONIC, whose sophomore album, "No Such Soul", is available worldwide from Sonic Wave International. The follow-up to 2002's "Super-Vel" (Outlaw Entertainment) includes a hidden track, "Horror Vacua" — a song Ron originally wrote for CELTIC FROST, but which was never recorded by the influential Swiss outfit.

(Thanks: MK Magazine)

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