Ex-CRIMSON GLORY Vocalist Says He Might Sing On Group's New Album

March 9, 2005

Former CRIMSON GLORY frontman Midnight recently spoke to Greece's Metal-Temple.com webzine about his upcoming solo album, "Sakada", and the rumor that he will be singing on the new CRIMSON GLORY album, which is currently in the works. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

On the solo album:

Midnight: "Yeah and I'm half of CRIMSON GLORY. I am half. But what I am is the mellow half. These are the influences that I had. Now Jon [Drenning, guitarist] and Jeff [Lords, bassist] wrote heavier music and then I put words to it. 'Painted Skies', 'Lost Reflections'...these are my songs that I wrote myself and I interjected my melodic influences into the heaviness that they had and that's, I guess, where the magic came from, you know... That was the mixture. And now they're hearing half of that but Scott Gibson, who's my guitar player...he's not a heavy metal guitar player necessarily but he's brilliant and I so I said, 'Scott, I need you to write some heavier stuff because when I go on stage I still want the aggressiveness.' It needs to be a rollercoaster, you know, it has to go up and then down — a heavy song and then a lighter song and then a really heavy etc. To make people confused. [Laughs]"

Metal-Temple.com: So are you going to sing on the next CRIMSON GLORY album?

Midnight: "We're talking. It's possible."

Metal-Temple.com: If though you were going to decline such a thing, I was going to ask you if we'd get to see you anywhere live together with CRIMSON GLORY, even for a special show maybe because in early 2006 you're going to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary...

Midnight: "I'm not going to tour with them. I told them that I will consider singing on a new album as long as the arrangements are right. I will go into the studio. I would love to work with the guys again because it would feel great but as far as touring...no. I'm touring with my new band, man. Wait 'till you hear this! The guitar player could come in right now and make something up and sit down and play it and I will sing it and Phil will play the drums and it will sound like a real song! We have the connection, we have the chemistry, which is so important. We can take some of these songs which are three minutes, four minutes and we can make it into a twenty-minute long song and make it sound as if we did it on purpose but we're just making it up as we go on man because we have that connection. One of the reasons why I've been waiting for so many years is because I need that, I need to have that. Because when I go off live, I get so much adrenaline that I go crazy sometimes and I need the band to follow me and CRIMSON GLORY never did that, they always followed the song. Even when I went off, I forgot the words or whatever, they wouldn't wait for me, they'd just keep going. But this band, we all flow together, you know."

Read Midnight's entire interview with Metal-Temple.com at this location.

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