Ex-FEAR FACTORY Drummer Sets Record Straight About Playing With DINO, SLAYER Audition

July 15, 2002

Contrary to a quote attributed to him in a recent Rock Soundarticle, former FEAR FACTORY drummer Raymond Herrera has not changed his mind about never wanting to play with ex-FF guitarist Dino Cazares again. "I was totally misquoted [in the magazine]," Herrera told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "I told Rock Sound that I would be doing half the [next BRUJERIA] record, and that Dino would be doing the other half of the record [and not that we would be playing together]."

Herrera also provided more details about the forthcoming project involving him, NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury and CATHEDRAL/ex-NAPALM DEATH singer Lee Dorrian, which was also touched upon in the aforementioned story. According to the drummer, the CD in question is continuation in a series of solo releases from the individual members of BRUJERIA, the first of which is Cazares' ASESINO debut, due on September 10th via Kool Arrow Records.

"Shane's record was written a few months ago," Raymond said. "Me and Shane wrote 13 songs. It is hardcore/grindcore. We already tracked the drums and some of the guitars, we still need to finish up the rest of the guitars. Guitars, bass and vocals will be done in England, where Lee and Shane both live. Shane will be playing both bass and guitar on it."

When asked about SLAYER guitarist Kerry King's recent comment that the reason Herrera wasn't asked to audition for the slot left vacant by the departure of former sticksman Paul Bostaph was that Raymond "has no hands…[his style in FEAR FACTORY] is all syncopated and there's not a whole lot of rolls and fills. It's all feet going with the guitar and I need more than that," the drummer responded by saying that "the bottom line is this: Anybody who thinks that the extent of my skills stopped with FEAR FACTORY is sadly mistaken. I was asked and I did decline. Maybe Kerry did not know I had been asked. I was very flattered at the fact, and anybody else would be as well. I do not need to point out how much of an impact SLAYER has been in my life and [that of] any other person that loves heavy music. I have too much respect for Kerry and the rest of the guys, so I would never say anything bad about them. I would be a fool to do so!!!!"

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