Ex-KORN Drummer DAVID SILVERIA's BREAKING IN A SEQUENCE Drops Music Video For 'Anything But Right'

August 13, 2021

Former KORN drummer David Silveria's new band BREAKING IN A SEQUENCE (formerly BIAS) has culminated its six-song video series for its debut EP "Acronym" with the release of what the group says is the most "infectious" track on the effort.

The "Anything But Right" video was unveiled today Friday, August 13. According to frontman Rich Nguyen, the concept, much like the song itself, examines self-growth and the importance of expanding one's mindset.

"This song was the last one we wrote for the EP, right when we had started to find our groove," he said. "When we first started this band, we were aiming to be a rock band, but we naturally started gravitating to a hard rock, alt metal style. 'Anything But Right' was the bridging point between our initial, melodic-rock style into hard rock."

To film the video, the band turned to director and producer JP Brasca, who shot it in two locations in downtown Los Angeles and in Norco, California. According to Nguyen, this was done purposefully to give the video a sense of duality and offer fans multiple meanings, depending on one's perspective.

"The initial idea was to show someone feeling down, completely unsure of himself and then have him eventually work through it…to come out successful in the end," he said. "However, the final product holds a much deeper meaning to me. My take on it, is the contrast between narrow and expansive mindsets as in, you can start off narrow-minded, but then open to see the bigger picture of things and adapt as necessary."

In addition to "Anything But Right", BREAKING IN A SEQUENCE released five other songs from their debut EP, including "Pity", which reached No. 23 on the Billboard Indicator chart and No. 9 on the Foundations chart upon its initial release. Additional tracks like "Delusional" and "Hesitation" solidified the band as one of the industry's top emerging artists, while their homage to FAITH NO MORE's "Midlife Crisis", complete with a recreation of the iconic video, propelled them to the next level.

BREAKING IN A SEQUENCE, which is rounded out by guitarists Mike Martin and Joe Taback and bassist Chris Dorame, has much more in store for 2021. They have plans to release a second EP by year's end and are currently working on new material for a 2022 release.

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