Former MASSACRE/DEATH frontman Kam Lee has issued the following update:

"Why - why - why do I keep going to sites like Blabbermouth...? All I do is see a bunch of shit-talkers — talking bullshit. These pukes are so fucking cowardly... that they won't even post their real names! Shit-talkers... back-stabbing — and all the two-faced cowards have been a part of the scene for way too fucking long... I'm sick of two-faced bullshit... come right out and tell the truth!

"Look, if you don't like something... then be brave enough to say you don't like it... but don't hide behind a pseudo name! Don't lie — if you meet me at a show and act like you want to talk to me, but then behind my back you talk to your little fuck friends about me... FUCK YOU! That's two-faced bullshit! If you don't like me... or anybody for that matter — don't act like you do... If I don't like somebody I fucking don't even acknowledge them... if they come up to me and ask me 'What the fuck?' I tell them the truth... No matter what they will think afterwards!

"Back when the underground was 'underground'... I never hid behind anything... Those old schoolers out there will remember I did a fanzine called Comatose! I did real reviews of bands... not this corporate nutsack sucking that goes on in mags today! If I didn't like a band... I told the readers why I didn't like a band... it wasn't because, 'Oh, well my best friend Luke said they sucked... so I think they suck too' — bullshit!

"Be honest... if you don't like my vokills because you think they suck... then say, 'Kam, I think your vokills suck!' But don't hide behind your PC and write shit-talking comments on websites using a pussy-ass fake name... be a fucking man and tell me who you are you coward fuck! What, are you too scared that a true MASSACRE fan may kick your ass...? You big fucking babies! Be man enough to stand up to your convictions... You never know — you may have a point... maybe I do suck, but I think a whole lot of people that I've helped influence over the years may have something else to say about that!

"Do I have an over-bloated ego? No — I never made the claim that I 'created' death metal vokills... I just say that I helped create the death-vomit — death growl style. Everyone has different taste... I know that... I like a lot of shit that most of you 'so-called' metallers would out right just fucking hate, but I'm not affraid to admit what I like, and I don't give a fuck what you think! I just have a problem with fuckers that talk shit about me that don't even know me... especially fuckers that hide away behind their computers and fake names!"


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