Ex-MEGADETH Guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN Performs At D1 Drift Racing Grand Prix; Video Available

May 30, 2009

For the second consecutive year, former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman performed the Japanese national anthem, "Kimi Ga Yo", at the D1 Drift Racing Grand Prix on May 23.

Marty is the first foreign musician to play the anthem at a major sporting event in Japanese history. This time, after his performance, he also sat on the panel as a commentator for the broadcast as well as performed another song, taken from his brand new album, "Tokyo Jukebox".

Watch video footage of the performance below.

Marty appeared on the pre-race show with the current D1 champion on May 19.

Produced and arranged by Marty, "Tokyo Jukebox" reflects the chaotic lifestyle of Tokyo, its unique music and Marty's futuristic interpretation of it. According to a posting on Marty's web site, "Sonically, it goes from his 'Loudspeaker' lineup all the way to a 70-piece symphony orchestra. Marty covers the most unlikely artists to get his guitar heavy treatment, including PERFUME, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, AI, NAKASHIMA MIKA, IKIMONO GAKARI and seven other staples in the world of current Japanese music."

"The songs were chosen in part by the readers of Nikkei Entertainment!, Japan's all-time number one entertainment magazine, which features a popular page on Marty each month for over three years and still going strong.

"All the songs go through Marty's extravagant, epic, and quite often brutally twisted treatment. 'Tokyo Jukebox' is the new definitive display of Marty's current state of mind as well as the deepest evolution of his guitar playing and overall musicality ever."

Check out "Tokyo Jukebox" audio samples at this location.

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