Ex-NINE INCH NAILS Drummer Sells $20,000 Edition Of Solo Album

March 31, 2009

According to The Pulse of Radio, former NINE INCH NAILS, A PERFECT CIRCLE and GUNS N' ROSES drummer Josh Freese has announced through his publicist that he has sold out of the $20,000 limited edition of his new solo album, "Since 1972", along with the $250 limited edition. The $20,000 edition, restricted to one copy, includes as bonus features a miniature golfing trip with members of TOOL and DEVO, a night aboard the Queen Mary, two songs written about the buyer that will be posted on iTunes, a drum lesson or foot and back massage, any three items out of Freese's closet and more.

The $250 version, limited to 25 copies, includes lunch with Freese at P.F. Chang's or the Cheesecake Factory.

Freese has also sold one of the three $5,000 editions, which features Freese writing one song about the buyer and posting it on iTunes, co-directing a video for the track and putting it on YouTube, a private tour of Disneyland, a letter from PEARL JAM guitarist Stone Gossard and a drinking session.

The unlimited $50 version, which includes a thank-you phone call from Freese, is also selling briskly, according to his publicist.

Freese made "Since 1972" available digitally on March 24, with the physical CD arriving on April 14. All editions can be ordered at JoshFreese.com.

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