Ex-STRYPER Drummer Lines Up BLISSED Dates

December 31, 2002

BLISSED, featuring former STRYPER drummer Robert Sweet, have lined up the following dates during January:

Jan. 10 – Bakersfield, CA @ Station316
Jan. 11 – Hayward, CA @ the Hangout
Jan. 12 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
Feb. 07– Arlington, TX @ Dreamworld
Feb. 08 – Canton, TX @ RevelationRoom
Feb. 09 - San Antonio, TX @ the Catacombs

In related news, ex-STRYPER singer Michael Sweet has temporarily put his hymn record on hold as he completes the two new STRYPER tunes for an upcoming "greatest hits" style collection. Sweet will resume work on the hymn album once the STRYPER session is complete.

Also on the STRYPER-related front, ex-bassist Tim Gaines recently spoke to Metal Exiles about the group's influence on the current rock scene and their role in paving the way for a band like CREED to receive wider commercial acceptance.

"I don't think that CREED is openly Christian any more than U2 is," Gaines said. "If they were openly Christian or 'Christ like,' they would do the will of Lord. They would openly tell people of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and not be ashamed of Him. They may be a band that has a positive message, but that doesn't make them Christian. It's like saying McDonalds is a Christian restaurant because it's a 'happy place.' Now I like CREED, and I like U2, and I even like McDonalds, but I just can't call them Christian even though they may have Christians in the band. It would be like saying STRYPER was a Christian band during ['Against The Law']. We may have been Christians, but we were not telling anyone about Christ at that time."

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