Ex-TESTAMENT Bassist GREG CHRISTIAN's New Band TRINITY FALLEN: Entire Debut EP Streaming

August 30, 2016

The debut three-song EP from TRINITY FALLEN, the new band featuring former TESTAMENT bassist Greg Christian alongside members of SCORCHED-EARTH POLICY and NUCLEAR RABBIT, can be streamed in its entirety below. The effort was recorded with producer Juan Urteaga (TESTAMENT, MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS) at Trident Studios in Martinez, California.

Says Greg: "[Juan] did a kick-ass job on it and I think it needs to be heard."

EP track listing:

01. 21st Century (5:52)
02. Apache Skies (5:42)
03. Ashes (5:16)

TRINITY FALLEN made its live debut this past August 5 at Slim's in San Francisco, California.


Jason Branyan (NUCLEAR RABBIT) - Guitar
Greg Christian (TESTAMENT) - Bass
Timothy Bailey (NUCLEAR RABBIT) - Drums

Christian recently stated about his acrimonious January 2014 exit from TESTAMENT: "It was all wrong. I lost control and spouted off like an idiot, which I regret, but the plain truth about the way I was treated by my bros and partners, after spending decades helping to build something — twice — is: it truly was cruel and unusual, there was never any reason for it, and no possible way to justify it. Period. The end. (And if anyone disagrees — I don't care.) It happened. It's done. I can't really say it's 'over,' because the imbalance hasn't been corrected, but it is behind me. I let it go."

He added: "Forgiveness can be tough for us human animals, but it is our only hope at ever finding inner peace. Right?? Despite everything — I really do wish them well."

Christian also said about his new band: "[I am] a little disappointed my new bandmates' histories have mostly been ignored [by the press] and every mention of TRINITY FALLEN seems to only focus on me.

"It wasn't my cup of tea, but NUCLEAR RABBIT has serious high-level (bad-ass) musicianship. (If you doubt that — listen to 'Intestinal Fortitude' and tell me how easy those songs would be to play, hahaha)

"TRINITY FALLEN is 'a band,' not 'my project,' and though all the songs (so far) started off as my arrangements, they've evolved past anything I could've came up with on my own. Tim, Jason and Judd have made huge contributions to all of it, and together we've crafted a sound that, in my opinion, is unique. Especially in this day and age.

"We're not a thrash band, more like a heavy metal / hard rock band.

"There are no stylistic 'rules' or preconceptions. We never sat down and said, 'Let's write 'this kind' of song.' We wrote what came out.

"And since this isn't straight thrash, I know I'll get some haters, but I think a lot lot more folks will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and depth of the TRINITY FALLEN material. It's all about the songs.

"And don't misunderstand, some of it is brutally heavy but some is really melodic, and it pretty much all grooves and bounces — and is full of hooks. More like a modern-day version of old BLACK SABBATH or LED ZEPPELIN than any contemporary bands I can think of.

"To me, a lot of today's heavy music (at least on recording) is cut, pasted, quantized and sound replaced into sterility. TRINITY FALLEN isn't that. It's modern-day / old-school rock 'n' roll."

He added: "TRINITY FALLEN isn't TESTAMENT. It's its own thing. It's complex and varied and I can see elements of it turning some folks off at first, but with only hearing a short sample, it's kinda like the old story of five blind men went to 'see' an elephant .. (presents a misleading picture) but whatever… Not everyone's gonna get it at first. No way. The rabbit hole's way too deep."

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