Ex-VADER Drummer DARAY: DIMMU BORGIR's Music Requires Full Dedication When Played

November 30, 2009

MetalNews.pl recently conducted an interview with DIMMU BORGIR/ex-VADER drummer Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

MetalNews.pl: There were a lot of rumours about your joining DIMMU BORGIR a long time before band's official statement. Why actually DIMMU BORGIR and what was the background of this?

Daray: It was about year ago, in March I think, before european tour with VADER. DIMMU BORGIR was on tour with BEHEMOTH. During some nice evening after the gig DIMMU guys asked BEHEMOTH guys if they know some drummer who would fit them... (and they are very demanding, I got to admit)... Right after mentioned conversation, I received an e-mail with question if I'd be interested playing with DIMMU BORGIR. Then were other emails and first audition, which took place in August 2008 in Oslo. It was very intense week of rehearsals, but we were satisfied. Then another meetings and rehearsals, USA tour etc.

MetalNews.pl: Are you in touch with any VADER members? Is there any bad blood between you and [VADER guitarist/vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek] because of his accusations that you wanted to join DIMMU BORGIR while being VADER member?

Daray: I'm in touch with all VADER musicians. We're still friends. I'm OK with Peter. The situation was peculiar, I don't know how I'd act if I were in his shoes. First of all, Marcin (Novy) left. Then Maurycy (Mauser) and finally, me. People started reading into too much into that. I'm glad that VADER has very good lineup with a great drummer.

MetalNews.pl: Let's go back to your cooperation with Norwegians. Silenoz states in interviews that he's amazed with your drumming, attitude and dedication. Generally speaking, the band is happy with your cooperation. And how about you?

Daray: I'm happy too. The band is a high-class musically, very demanding from themselves and from others. DIMMU music requires full dedication when played. In every song there is a lot of elements requiring precise playing. DIMMU gigs are not only about the music — it's also lights, and pyrotechnics. You have to be fully concentrated.

MetalNews.pl: When can we expect any informations/dates connected with forthcoming DIMMU album? Do you know if you will play on it?

Daray: No dates, new album will be released next year. When it goes to material, we have several fucking awesome themes, which are just killer. But I can't say nothing more at this time.

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