Exclusive DEF LEPPARD Items To Be Auctioned On eBay

July 24, 2002

DEF LEPPARD's record label, Mercury Records, will team up with auction site eBay to auction a number of exclusive LEPPARD items, with the main auction being one of the T-shirts used in the "Now" video, autographed by all band members. All proceeds of the auctions, which will start on July 30th and end on August 9th, will be donated to VH1's Save The Music Foundation. Here's a list of items that will be auctioned:

* UNION JACK T-SHIRT: one of the actual T-shirts used as the one shirt seen progressing through time throughout the band's new video "Now".
* GIBSON GUITAR: a Gibson Epiphone/Special II sunburst guitar, signed by all band members.
* USED DRUMSTICKS: drumsticks used by drummer Rick Allen during the recording of the new album X.
* "VISUALIZE/VIDEO ARCHIVE" DVD: autographed version of the DVD that contains the band's promotional videos from 1989 through 1993, as well as interviews and live footage.
* DW SNARE DRUM: 5" x 14" DW maple snare drum, never been used, very high quality, signed by all band members.
* DW DRUMHEAD: 22" DW bass drumhead, signed (on the interior) by all band members.
* ZILDJIAN CYMBAL: 18" Zildjian Rock crash cymbal, never been used, signed by all band members.
* "HYSTERIA" POSTER: 34" x 24" poster of Hysteria album cover, signed by all band members.
* ALBUM CATALOGUE: an autographed version of every album in the DEF LEPPARD catalogue, from On Through The Night to X.
* GREATEST HITS RECORD: unique double disc greatest hits record containing all radio smash hits, signed by all band members.
* PUBLICITY PHOTO: 8 x 10 promo picture for the new album X, signed by all band members.
* PYROMANIA AND HYSTERIA: copies of the band's smash hit albums, signed by all band members.
* FRAMED POSTER: 34" x 24" 7-Day Weekend Tour Poster 92-93, signed by all band members.
* GUITAR LESSON: a personal guitar lesson by guitarist Phil Collen.
* DINNER WITH DEF LEPPARD: dinner at a restaurant with the band for you and a guest of yours. The dinner will be hosted by the DEF LEPPARD party and will take place in a tour stop nearest to your home town once DEF LEPPARD begin touring in the continental United States.
* CONCERT TICKETS: front row tickets to a DEF LEPPARD concert nearest to your hometown as they support their new album X.

Further information and details will be available on the eBay web site as soon as the auctions start.

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