EXMORTUS Releases 'Feast Of Flesh' Video

May 4, 2018

"Feast Of Flesh", the new video from EXMORTUS, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's upcoming album, "The Sound Of Steel", which will be released on June 8 via Prosthetic.

EXMORTUS founder, vocalist and guitarist Jadren "Conan" Gonzalez said: "As some may have noticed on my personal page, I don't just post guitar or band stuff, but a lot of food pictures, and I'm no vegan.

"'Feast of Flesh' is a celebration of our carnal needs and desires. I'm not trying to make any political/environmental statements, but I feel this song expresses the ugly and brutal nature of humans and other animals. It ain't pretty, so we thought it would be fun to shoot the band chowing down on actual raw flesh fresh from the meat market. My girlfriend was willing to play the hapless victim of the carnage, which made the whole experience quite fun and yet funny since we were all trying to act and not laugh at the whole idea. The song itself is more of a caveman stompy headbanger so the music works beautifully with the lyrics and visuals in bloody harmony. So, sit back and enjoy the 'Feast Of Flesh'! Cheers!"

Produced by Zack Ohren (MACHINE HEAD, FALLUJAH, SUFFOCATION) at Sharkbite Studio, "The Sound Of Steel" delivers a visceral call to arms in a maelstrom of thrashing, neo-classical, blackened death as EXMORTUS tears fresh wounds into its ever-pioneering discography. Soaring to unprecedented heights, the ineffable kings of California thrash effortlessly mix sonic precision with raw, bloody savagery.

"The Sound Of Steel" will be released by Prosthetic worldwide except Japan, where it will be overseen by Marquee Inc. The effort will be available on all digital outlets, compact disc and LP, with 1,000 records being pressed initially in the follow colors:

* 250 battle axe blood splatter (Prosthetic webshop and sold by the band on tour)
* 250 blue and black marble (Prosthetic webshop and sold by the band on tour)
* 400 clear with blue and orange splatter (available in retail stores worldwide)
* 100 white vinyl (Cargo Germany only)

"The Sound Of Steel" track listing:

01. Make Haste
02. Feast Of Flesh
03. Into The Maw Of Hell
04. To The Ends Of The Earth
05. A Minor Instrumental
06. Strength And Honor
07. Turn The Tide
08. Tempest
09. Riders Of Doom
10. Victory Or Death!


Jadran "Conan" Gonzalez - Vocals/Guitar
Chase Becker - Guitar
Phillip Cody Nuñez - Bass
Carlos Cruz - Drums

Photo credit: Alex Solca

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