EXODUS: 'Bonded By Blood' 20th Anniversary Reissue Details Revealed

November 30, 2004

Todd Gordon, who earned his rightful place in the annals of thrash metal's history by signing EXODUS to the label he co-founded in 1984 (Torrid Records),has sent BLABBERMOUTH.NET the following update on the efforts to release a special 20th anniversary edition of the group's classic 1985 debut, "Bonded by Blood":

"It's been a long time since I've been involved in the metal business, but my love for the music has never been stronger. As the 20th anniversary of 'Bonded by Blood' approaches (April 2005),EXODUS' manager, Steve Warner, and I feel it is time to do a first-rate re-release of one of the most influential metal albums of all time.

"As [EXODUS guitarist] Gary Holt has stated in a recent interview, EXODUS' original label, Torrid, has tapes of the original 'Bonded by Blood' mix without a lot of the '80s effects on Paul Baloff's vocals, as well as some original pre-production demos that are of excellent quality. It is truly amazing to hear. In addition, a second CD of other metal bands doing covers of the album is being looked at. Still, I think the most exciting thing is the inclusion of the original album cover that despite the insane amount of B.S. that has been written for years about the supposed one-year delay of its release, was what held the album up for maybe six months.

"The original title [of the EXODUS debut] was 'A Lesson In Violence'. Our distributor felt that a lot of retailers would not carry the album with the original cover due to the PMRC climate at the time. Thus, it took some time to finally come up with the good/evil twin cover.

"My partner, Ken Adams, and I could not have been prouder to have released 'Bonded by Blood' and to have worked with EXODUS. To this day, we remain good friends with the band and I have nothing but the greatest respect for them and their manager. I think they are as vital today as they were back in the day and they deserve any good fortune that comes their way. I could not be happier for the way things are going for them. I'm sure more news on the release from the EXODUS camp will be forthcoming in the months to come."

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